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Does Precious cover individuals?

Currently the main focus of Precious Medical International is enrolment of cooperate client. A cooperate being any registered entity being business, NGO or cooperate.

What is the age limit?

The age limit is 55 years. However, for cooperate clients, we do consider application above 55 years at higher premiums.

Do you have shortfalls?

Precious Medical International does not have shortfalls for all essential and emergency treatment. Services like maternity, hospitalization, surgery, laboratory and radiology have no shortfalls subject to the annual limits

How long have you been in the market?

Precious Medical international was registered in June of 2018 as a limited company.

Who are the owners of precious medical international?

The ownership of Precious Medical international is 100% Malawian.

Do have ambulances?

Precious does offer ambulance services in emergency when required.

Do you give refund / a certain amount of money, say after a year or more to a client who has never used the scheme?

Precious Medical International is interested in people who are looking for long term medical insurance and not short term cover. As such upon completion of year all premiums are rolled over to the next year of cover.

How long does it take for someone to start accessing the service?

For the general cover, one can access services immediately. However, for other services there are waiting periods for up to 24 months. For big cooperatives all waiting periods are usually waivered.

How long does it take to process for funeral benefits?

Funeral benefit is immediately upon receipt of either hospital notification of death or a letter from the employer.

How good is Precious Medical International from other medical schemes?

Precious Medical International has great benefit structure of benefits at prices that you can afford.

Do you have clinics?

Precious medical international has over 100 service level agreements with clinics and hospitals in Malawi. We have hospital cover in all districts of Malawi including all major government, mission and private hospitals.

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